E-Health solutions

Why is Superbrains the solution?

In developing Super Brains, the focus was on finding the solution. How do you become master of your own brains again?

Solution for the patient

Why Superbrains is the solution for the patient? The patient works on his/her goals in a fun way. The treatment plan is clear, all information about the treatments is transparent and therefore provides more insight into the progress.
The patient does not see the practitioner once every 2 weeks but can now send a chat message at any time when something is bothering him.
Buddies of the patient help motivate the patient and can monitor his progress and take action when necessary.

Solution for the practitioner

Every practitioner wants to spend more time with patients to help people and less administration. That’s what Superbrains does!
Superbrains makes sure you see the patient’s progress in real time. You have all the necessary information available within our platform. In addition, Superbrains ensures that you have to do less administration and the time registration per patient is kept up to date for you. That’s great, right?

Boss in own Brains.

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