E-Health Platform

Superbrains Platform

Superbrains has developed an e-Health platform that gives patients more insight into their treatment. The patient sees his treatment plan, makes reports after appointments, schedules new appointments together with the practitioner and can approach the practitioner more easily in the meantime. The practitioner is supported in his work by our e-Health platform. Both the patient and the practitioner can see real-time progress and have direct communication possibilities.


Through Superbrains, the patient and practitioner can communicate with each other in a safe environment. This can be done via chat or video calling.

Online information

The entire caseload of the practitioner is stored in Superbrains, the patient has insight into his data and treatment plan. All the necessary information for a successful treatment is present in Superbrains.


The patient’s practitioner or buddies can monitor the progress. Should the patient’s condition deteriorate, this is immediately reflected in his score and can be anticipaded on this.


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