A better treatment

Be honest, how often does it occur that your patient forgets to do his exercises? And wouldn’t you rather be busy with the actual treatment than with the administration? With Superbrains you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Superbrains supports you in such a way that you can spend as much time as possible on your patient. With us, the patient is really in charge of his own treatment. As a Super Coach, you help your patients to regain control of their own brains as quickly as possible!

The benefits for you as a practitioner? The most important thing is the work support. Because your patient enters the appointments and interview reports in Superbrains himself, you no longer have to sit down for the administration after each conversation. Super convenient, right? Your hours are also kept in Super Brains. Together with your patient, you will work 180 days on his health care demand.

During the treatment, you coach your patient on three goals. The patient is rewarded for all the things he has completed and brought closer to his goal. Do you notice that your patient does not do the exercises? Then you can chat or video call via the secure environment. Motivate your patient and adjust him in the meantime. This way, treatment not only becomes more effective, but also more personal.

Your patient has access to his own Toolbox, based on the Goals he has chosen. It contains useful exercises, meditations, questionnaires and habits that will help him achieve his goals. If you see habits in the Toolbox that match the goals of your patient, you can add them to the patient’s agenda. In this way, you work together step by step on behavioral change. And small changes in habits become a new way of life.

Superbrains contains your digital practice, everything together and conveniently arranged. We also keep track of your time registration per patient. This way you have more time for your patients and you can help them regain control of their own brains!


Boss in your own Brains.

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