For Whom?

Mental Healthcare Institutions

Superbrains is the e-Health platform for Mental Health Care which helps to get a better connection with the patient and for work support.

By means of Superbrains, the lines between patient and practitioner are shorter, giving you more overview and the ability to help the patient better.

Benefits patient:
✔ Quick contact with you, the practitioner.
✔ Buddies who provide support and motivation.
✔ Community, our own social network for super brainers! Challenge and meet fellow Superbrainers. Get inspired by the content.
✔ Fun! It’s a lifestyle game with positivity and fun at its core.
✔ Rewards, good behavior is rewarded. The happier you make Stormy, the more you can shop in the webshop.
✔ Shorter lines between patient and practitioner.
✔ More insight into the treatment plan.
✔ Reimbursed by the insurance company.

Benefits practitioner:
Less administration! Superbrains keeps track of a time registration for each patient, these can be exported at the push of a button.
Even less administration! After a treatment, the patient fills in what was discussed and what the new agreements are, you as the practitioner check this and add to it if necessary.
More grip on the patient.
More time left for patients.



Would you like your employees or colleagues to work on vitality in an accessible way? Do you want to sparkle with energy as a vital company and reward your employees for their vitality? Introduce Superbrains now as an eHealth game for the workplace!

The employee can personalize his/her Superbrains. For example, one employee may have a greater need for de-stressing or motivation, while another may want to focus more on a healthy lifestyle. In Superbrains you can customize the app to fit the company and the employee.

You can create groups within the staff. These groups can help by achieving a goal together. For example, a group can be created for ‘lunch walking’. Do you sometimes think: “I sit too much and would like to stretch my legs during the break”, then join this group and motivate your colleagues to join.

Dare your colleagues by doing challenges. Who can manage to do a short workout every day for a week or a meditation challenge to relieve the workload and get a good night’s sleep.   

Besides being good for your body and mind, why participate as an employee? Good behavior is always rewarded right? Superbrains works with rewards, the more habits and challenges you have completed, the more points you earn.
What can you do with those points? As a company you can turn it into a competition; ‘most vital employee of the month’, but you can also link prizes to it. Merchandise from your company? A team outing? Gadgets? Nothing is too crazy!

Benefits Employer:
Vital employees
Less absenteeism
✔ Team building

Benefits Employee:
✔ More vital life
Motivation by colleagues and employer
Challenge colleagues
Fun incentives

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions such as College and University work closely with students. Educational institutions can use this platform to communicate more easily with the students, put tasks in their agenda and check information. For professors, it mainly offers time management, easily forwarding an assignment to multiple students and seeing in real time who have already fulfilled the assignment and who have not.

Benefits for the educational institution:
✔ Communication with students is easier
✔ Send assignments or questionnaires quickly
✔ 1-to-1 or group communication

Benefits for students:
✔ A clear platform
✔ Short lines of communication with the teacher
✔ Working on your Goals in a fun way


As a GPA you want to maintain or establish a high level of service. It is often busy and it becomes more difficult, Superbrains helps.

Benefits GPA:
✔ Communicate easily with the patient.
✔ All patient data clearly organized on one platform.
✔ High service level by switching quickly.
✔ Quickly send questionnaires to patients.
✔ Add items to the patient’s agenda, such as medication or appointment reminders.

Benefits Patient:
✔ Communicate quickly and easily with the GPA.
✔ All personal data in a clear overview.
✔ Reminders for medicines or appointments.
✔ Working on goals with motivation from the GPA.


Hospitals want to provide the best care for their patients. Superbrains is here to help.

Benefits hospitals:
✔ Creating appointments directly in both agendas.
✔ Intake forms can be sent to the patient.
✔ Send information prior to the appointment.
✔ Patient information in a convenient place and easy to export.

Benefits patients:
✔ Waiting time perception is shorter due to questionnaires and information sent.
✔ Easy to communicate with the treating physician.
✔ Clear information about your patient file.
✔ Entertainment during waiting times or hospitalization.

Boss in their own Brains.

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