Although everyone wants to become a Super Coach at heart, changes in your work and new ways of working with an app are also exciting and you may find yourself dreading it. We understand better than anyone that proper implementation is crucial, because if you know how to do something, the chances of success are much higher!

During the implementations, we work on 5 goals:

1. Coaching; making appointments, chatting with your patient and much more.
2. Active coach; you become an active coach in the community.
3. Active patients; build a caseload and get habits ready for patients.
4. Digital coaching; these are the skills you need as a digital coach.
5. Your own Goal; a personal goal that you will work on in the coming period.


The implementations take place 1 on 1 with the Superbrains implementation coach. This is a digital zoom meeting, where our implementation coaches show you all the ins and outs of Superbrains and you can ask your questions.

After the first digital implementation, we will make an appointment for a second implementation. In the meantime, you can see for yourself how our e-health platform works and you will also have received the book ‘Coach Game Rules’ from us.

Super Book

This book contains all the information about how you as a coach can work with Superbrains.

Our support department is always there to answer your questions. Together we will make sure you will become a Super Coach.

Boss in your own Brains.

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